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Would it be too much to ask to get all of the frivolous game support questions into their own, isolated forum. Most of us probably couldn't care less.

Things might be much better if your developers and support folks invested their efforts into making the Striiv application actually work. Games can wait (forever, as far as I'm concerned).

I certainly didn't buy my Touch to play games; I bought it to get reliable updates from my text and e-mail account on my Android. Two functions that appear to fail utterly.

Very, very disappointed in this product (or at least the bogus Striiv app!). Useless.

Yes please start addressing some of the core functions this band stated on the website and on the back of the retail package.  Call Alert, Text Alert, Calendar reminders.   I have used it with my iPad and it seems to work very well with that app.  The Android app is failing.  The core features that are promoted on the package are not there for android or at the very best extremely buggy.

I see tremendous battery drain with the android app, kills my battery in a matter of 3-4 hours.

Very willing to give feedback to the developers if they would reach out to us.

I now have the Striiv Touch.  Would be happy to be a guinea pig if you need testers.  Let's make this thing REALLY rock.

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