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Striiv won't pair anymore

I've done all the steps to reset my device but it still won't pair. It has been working fine for 5 months dice I purchased it but today just won't paid like it usually does. Is my device defective?

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This happened to me today. It paired about 5:00 am and then nothing all day. Steps still showed on my Play but it refused to pair with my phone. I tried the steps suggested, all of them, and nothing worked until I went to the app and deregistered the Play and then deleted the app again, reinstalled it, and went through setup...again. It worked! I do not know what caused the inability to pair but for now, it appears to be working.

Same problem hear... I have open up a support call (#8569 will not stay connected) it started this past weekend.

Hi Judy,

I would like to try that.  Did you loose all your previous info by doing that or did it remember where you were?


Angela, what happens is that you will loose all the steps that are in your play device only what you have in the app will not be lost.  When you pair it back up again the play device will reset to "0" steps and you start your steps again with hopes that it will not loose connections again.  You might update your steps more often to make sure you don't loose a whole days worth like I have.


Here is the info from Support on the problem:

Hi Richard,

I regret to inform you that our engineers have confirmed that the recent Striiv update has caused sync issues with the Play. They are already working on a fix. The earliest that we can get the update out with Apple will be Friday, June 13. In the meantime, if you unpair or de-register your Play, the software will keep track of your Steps, Miles, Calories Burned and Minutes of Activity. We acknowledge that this is an incredible inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thank you,


Striiv Customer Care


I have been unable to snyc my Striiv for the past 3 days from my laptop.  If I uninstall my Striiv file and re-install again, will my historical data and current data be saved?

Same thing happened to me, Linda. At first I could not log in to internet account.  I also noticed that I was unable to sync my Striiv and laptop..  Now that I am able to check online, it said that I do not have a device connected to my account, and the last entry was August 8.    That explains why I can't  sync devices, or  why challenges weren't acknowledged.  My question is the same as your question Linda,  Will I lose everything if I start over?

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