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Striiv won't pair

I've done all the steps to reset my device but it still won't pair. It has been working fine for 5 months dice I purchased it but today just won't paid like it usually does. Is my device defective?

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Everything was fine until yesterday 6/6/14. Now my device won't sync. After doing a reset, it wants to be paired again. But I can't find or get to the place on my iPad app to pair or unpair the PLAY.

I have the same problem it started this past weekend... lost each days work when I had to re-pair it.  You do the paring in the striiv app you should see 3 bars on the top left side of the app click on that and the you will see the Menu screen.  Click on Pair Device.  Just follow the instructions from there.  But I have had to repair mine now for the past 3 days.

I have open up a ticket with support just waiting to hear back from them  (#8569 will not stay connected)

Me too. My Play is paired but it's no longer updating the app. It's been like this since last Thursday and I'm also waiting to hear back on my ticket.

I still have not heard back from support as of today

Here is the info from Support:

Hi Richard,

I regret to inform you that our engineers have confirmed that the recent Striiv update has caused sync issues with the Play. They are already working on a fix. The earliest that we can get the update out with Apple will be Friday, June 13. In the meantime, if you unpair or de-register your Play, the software will keep track of your Steps, Miles, Calories Burned and Minutes of Activity. We acknowledge that this is an incredible inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thank you,


Striiv Customer Care


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