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Striiv counting too many steps for the day

The other day my pedometer read 39000 steps. I actually only got in about 7000. How can I reset this totally for the day? Also last night I walked 6709 but this morning it recorded 5003. Is this thing a bit glitchy or what?

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my touch is counting way too many steps. this is crazy, thousands more steps.

My Striiv Bio is counting way too many steps. On a day I hardly do anything it shows I've done more that 10000 steps!! How to fix this please???

Hi Fred - we don't get many complaints of overcounting since our last firmware updates - make sure you're updated to the latest version of the firmware by tapping the "Touch" tile in your Striiv app, then selecting "Software update"!

Does Striiv customer care not monitor these comments?

My striiv records like I'm walking when I drive.  I would like to know how to stop that so my counts are accurate.  I hate not knowing what I actually walked each day.  All this to say I am having a similar problem.

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