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I am a little confused as to where to find the challenges on the updated app! Any guidance would help.

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I can't find them either just downloaded the new app today to see how it's going lots implemented since last time I looked but yes cannot find challenges so maybe they are not done yet
Do you know how to get energy points since there aren't any challenges?
There is still a lot of things missing like relays as well I still use the old ap and are just waiting patiently

I noticed the same with the new update (27/05/2014). There are no challenges. So now I flick between the apps. Old one lets me earn energy (lightening bolt thing), and the new one counts my steps in the background (which the old one doesn't do). It's annoying going back and forth, and having to log in every time, but it gets the job done in the meantime. :-)

How do you challenges to earn energy with the band?
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