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How do I delete old messages in Striiv?

There is no reason to keep old messages, so how do I delete them? I don't see a tool for doing it.

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I've asked this back when support was responding to user queries.  There does not appear to be a way.

I now have so many messages the chat tab will not load and is permanently blank.

Yes I need this feature too....   My chat is still working, but just barely. I have friends who I chat with, and when I enter their chat system, the app freezes for as long as two minutes before I can type my next message to them.


There is a work around for the slow loading chat.  Don't enter through the chat page.  Start a relay and start your conversation through the race page, or the waiting for their turn list.  It may also work with the leader board.

The draw back is you may miss what the conversation is in the window until after you have sent the first message.

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