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Not counting steps

Can u please help its been weeks and it has been messing up and not coining my steps

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I have the same problem my Play is not counting all my steps. I walked yesterday 4 miles and it only counted 1600 steps. This has been going on since iOS 7 update. About a month ago I received an email front Striiv that there is an update for the Play software 1.198 but there is no way of updating the Play since the app doesn't even show that there is an update and the PC sync does not work. This is very disappointing that customer service is so poor.

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I just purchased my Walgreen Activity Tracker yesterday.  The setup went fine, syncing it to my phone went fine, but I'm frustrated on the performance!!  It does not count all my steps, only some of them.  I walked 2.3 miles yesterday on the treadmill.  My device only registered about 1.5 mi.
Is anyone else having this issue, and would exchanging it for another (same) help?  In other words, do these work for most people and I just got the lemon?!
Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!


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I purchased Fusion's for my wiofe and myself.  Neither one accurately counts steps or remotely is close to mileage walked.  I have compared GPS measurements to the Fusion results and they vary from time to time, but are NEVER close.  While I really like the functionality of teh notifications, the inability of the device to accurately measure steps or mileage would dissuade me from purchasing again or recommending  the item.

Thanks, Jeffrey, at least I know I'm not alone.  One reason I bought the Walgreen Tracker is because I can earn Reward Points by syncing my Tracker to my Walgreen account.  But, since it's not counting everything, I guess Walgreens won't be "paying me out" for all of my effort.  And that's not acceptable to me.   

Teetering on the brink of returning it to the store and just investing in a quality pedometer!  

Norma-You might try using it with the app open on your phone.  I read this somewhere else and it seems to work resonably.  

Customer service response to my complaint was just dumb.  They wrote "Thank you for contacting customer care. Our devices have a special algorithm that our engineers developed to track steps while wearing it around your arm as accurately as possible. Unfortunately it is not always perfect, but we continue to work on improving it. Some users have suggested putting it in a pocket while running or walking to better track steps".

Not sure it is worth keeping with the accuracy problems and lack of customer service, but the fix I suggested should make it better.


If you have any more questions please let us know.


Mine won't charge ?
Strivv not counting all my steps !!

Hi Melanie, shoot us an email at and we'll walk you through some troubleshooting steps. 

Melanie mine doesnt either this has been going on for months and Im about ready to get a jawbone or fitbit because Im sick of walking miles and it doesnt come close to my mileage and yes I have my step length correct.. I have the most up todate software.. this produt I think has major flaws.. Why does it not calculate steps correctly or why does it freeze? 

Yesterday walked 2 miles it said I did 2400 steps for 1 mile.. 

I have been walking for the past 8 months the same 2 miles everyday and Im at least at 4500 steps but the last couple of months it has been off and in the 2000's or low 3000 steps./ seems to be getting worse over time

Hi Karlee, we would definitely like to hear more about your mileage and step tracking tests as compared to the set 2 mile course you mention. Please email us at so we can keep track of your reports and keep you in the loop regarding our efforts to test activity tracking accuracy. 

Just bought the striiv fusion a couple weeks ago and I don't think it's very accurate on the step counting either. My husband and I will do normally the same things on a weekend day and his Garmin tracks 4x the steps my striiv does. Any solutions to this?

Hi Mel, initially we always suggest comparing your step count to a physical step count: take 100 continuous steps while keeping count mentally, then compare steps taken to steps recorded on the Fusion. What's the result?

Thanks Neil, I will try doing that tomorrow and see if the steps match.
Hi, I gort a striiv fusion yesterday, but the count of the steps is not accurate but the same for the goes for the calorie count. It shows more than i actually walk. I did the mentaal counting and comparing it. This confirmed it. Als if i take 24 steps, no way that i burned 16 calories.
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