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Android just went live on Play store for Free

Android Beta now live on the Play store for free.  Get it while you can.

Hi Chris, thanks for all your helpful posts. I had recommended the Android version to someone with a Samsung G4, along with the Play to save phone battery usage, but then I noticed the Android app description doesn't say anything about compatibility with Play devices (and seems to emphasize not needing separate hardware). Have you (or anyone) been able to link a Play to the Android version?

Play support does not seem to be present in the Android versions.  back when Striiv and I talked more regularly I was told there is a lot of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem and support for devices including Bluetooth LE is not something they could be sure of.  

I do suspect they are working on it.  it is only a beta app.

Thanks, Chris. Hopefully, it's just a matter of time, as it would seem like a lot of people would be interested in it after they try the app. In the meantime, what has been your experience with impact on phone battery life? Also, have you been able to "friend" or team up cross-platform, with iOS users? With or without Facebook?
Sorry, I just read your other posts under the Android section, and see that you already answered the cross-platform question. I appreciate all the help you've provided to many people while Customer Care is apparently temporarily overwhelmed during the updates and new version roll-outs.
Why did the packaging on the STRIIV PLAY show an android-Samsung to be specific if it doesn't support it. I held off buying it until it was supported and know now it is not.Misleading at best folks.


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