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Does anyone know how the "Collect All" works?

I week ago, I purchased a "Collect All 10 Pack" and have yet figured out how to use it.  I don't see a collect all button anywhere.  It cost me 5K gems (now only costs 4K) and it aggravates me to no end that there is NO HELP about this stuff from Striiv!  If anyone out there knows how this works and can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I would appreciate it.  I have looked everywhere for this option since I made the purchase.  How to use it should be intuitively obvious when a purchase like this is made!

Debbie you touch one coin on your my land screen and you should see gold or silver bars go into your " box of money" it may ask you " do you want to collect all? And then have a number remaining.

Well, hi there, Anne!  I just answered your post!  :-)


Unfortunately, what you're telling me to do doesn't work on my phone app.  I see the bars and the coins/gems going into the bank, but no option to "collect all" ever shows up.  It's like I never made the purchase, but they took my gems!!! 


Just another frustration, I guess.  I have a support ticket into them, but who knows when that will be answered.


Thanks for responding, though.  Wish it were as simple as you stated, but apparently, there's something wrong with either the app on my phone or the app itself.  :-(

If it's a reward, it has to be used by midnight, too....

I have no idea what you mean, Bexa.raven.  I do know now, though, that I was cheated out of the Collect All 10-pack I purchased with gems.  They simply didn't give me what I bought.  I have subsequently purchased a 100-Pk that worked, so I have seen the screen and now know how it works.  I still have a problem ticket with Striiv to get my dang gems back!  I hate getting cheated.



Because they don't care.

Hi David...I completely understand your sentiments.  However, I have recently been in contact with someone at Striiv and know that they are diligently working on the issues that they have been made well aware of.  I am beta testing an update that is supposed to fix the issue regarding purchases and the corrupting of islands.  I have made purchases that and haven't had any issues, and all of my islands have stabilized. 


I know how frustrating it is to never receive any responses to any issues.  I was there for some time until Henry took over all of my tickets and got me into the beta testing of a new update.  From what I understand, they have a small staff and they are doing everything humanly possible to resolve our issues.


Bottom line, they do care.  This is just much bigger than they ever expected it to be.  It turns out that the reason the islands are being corrupted has to do with visiting the islands of friends.  If you hit the back button before it finishes loading, it can corrupt your own islands.  This is why they have disabled that function for the time being.  I know I have done this many times when trying to collect on my teammates and hit the island button by mistake.  I hit the back button while the dragon was still making his flight.  My islands were a mess.  It was very disheartening until Henry came to the rescue.


All I can say is be patient...they are working on everything and will get the fixes out as soon as they possibly can.

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