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Energy points being multiplied excessively in Trophy screen

I was doing a lot of short challenges this morning, and noticed some odd events. The app would randomly shut down, and after I restarted normally, I eventually noticed that each time this happened, the energy points shown in the Trophy screen for challenges previouly completed were being tripled! To the point the Trophy screen is now showing 1.049M energy points for a 1 min/50 step challenge (instead of 1,440 points). The energy point total shown in the new Total summary screen appears to be correct, ie, does not include the wildly inflated points shown on the Trophy screen. Is this a software glitch or an issue with my Play device?

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I am seeing the same thing. 10,000+ energy points for 50 steps

I have seen this for days.  None of the points are being registered in the power bank, though.  I just opened a ticket because the power I AM earning isn't being registered in the power bank either.  I earned 91,750 points this morning on my walk and it only registered 16,628.  Everything is so expensive now, power is way too important to be screwed up.  I am getting very disheartened by the lack of support from Striiv.  So many issues and so little support.  I just hate it.  Wish there was a good alternative.  The MyLand game is what keeps me using Striiv.  This issue needs to be fixed, though.  I have lost thousands of power points over the last week.

I'm adding to this post again, because today I hit a magic number of 10.79M points of energy!!  Just wish I saw some of it in my power bank!!  This is so aggravating.  I have so many things I want to plant and build, and the power points are just depleting rather than being increased by my efforts!  I can't plant or build without energy and this bug is costing me dearly!!


Guess I'll try a support ticket and see what happens.  THIS MUST BE FIXED ASAP!!

I just updated to Ver 1.4.61, and noticed that the energy points for Challenges shown in the Trophy screen (accessed from the More button, not the Home screen trophy icon) tripled again after updating. The Energy points shown in the Total screen are still correct (ie, do not include the exagerrated points).

They may not include the exaggerated points, but do they include what you have actually earned?  How can you tell?  The only way I know is because I did a comparison one day and proved it mathematically to myself.  There's no way of knowing how many earned points I am missing out on because of this issue.  I have hit close to 300 million points with the exaggerated points being logged on the trophy screen.  Today I'm at a measly 154.7M.  I just hate that I can't clearly track my progress. 


Striiv isn't responding to support tickets.  I HATE THIS!!!


I discovered (with the help of a friend) that there is a Debug option in the Settings that can be turned on or off.  The default is off.  I turned mine on just to see if it makes any difference whatsoever in anything whatsoever.  So far, no indication either way.  I'm sure it's an internal thing that sends data to Striiv, but who knows if they make use of it.


I'm just frustrated beyond belief!

I found the place to be heard!  Type in and you get David Wang's Facebook page!  He is the Striiv CEO.  Go there and send him a message!  Let him know how dissatisfied you are with all that is going on with this app!!

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