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Who's Trying out the new Android version?

So who else is trying out the new android version.  I'm running both at the same time but I'm really digging the new interface.  The challenge reporting and trophies page are so much nicer.

Now if only  I can link my spare Play up I can start carrying only one device again.

How do I sign up for the droid version?

I tried to download it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 but the test flight app isnt working, or something is wrong.  the  beta ver. 1.0.117s is there I hit install and it says Parsing error:  There is a problem parsing the package.  thats as far as I have got.

I have managed to install on my GS3.  Perhaps your provider is blocking the app some how, or maybe you caught it mid update.  They just posted a new version.


I seem to recall to get into the beta they asked for an E-mail to be sent to requesting it.

It works on HTC rezound loving this new format for android as I don't like the ne iPhone update.the only thing is the stair counting doesn't work.

It works well on my Galaxy SIII, I just can't find any of my friends on it.

I haven't tired the stairs just yet though, I will try later today.

I was able to find and send an add request to you Stefeni.

If anyone wants to add me my last name should be fairly uncommon.

Thanks Chris! 

Are we not able to log on to the Striiv website since we are in the Beta?

I tried twice and it says we were not able to find a user with that name and password.

My personal experiences agree with yours.  I don't really have much insight inside Striiv.  I just share what I do know.

Chris would you happen to know the answer to this one... When I look at your profile and my cousins it tells me your steps, minutes, and stairs. But when I look at mine I don't see any of that.

Maybe it needs to cycle through a whole 24 hour period first, I just downloaded the new version late last night???

I'm surprised there are now Striiv people reviewing this forum to assist with the questions. Oh well :)

I'm confused because I also show 0 information for you.

My guess is those are yesterday's totals?  I'm only at 3,849 steps today.

I can't see where to check my average, best or all time total steps, either.

Me too... Today I've taken 503 steps  that is when I remember to take my phone lol 

Yours show 3,456... I'm guessing there's a delay in what it shows. It took it a bit for me to see you once I accepted your request and the same for my cousin.

To check your "average" press the three lines at the top and press Trophies and it should show you this. It has Today, This Week & All Time. Other than those that's all I see. 

I just forced an update by pulling down on the leaders list, and got 1023 steps, 32 stairs, and 24 minutes for you

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