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I often take out the striiv to see my progress on a challenge while on long walks. Sometimes I watch the step count and it will lock up and not count 20-60 at a time. This has been doing this more and more lately and it is getting frustrating, particularly when it locks up after counting 985 steps of a 1000 step challenge and I lose the challenge before it starts counting again. Sure, I am getting my exercise, but it feels like I just wasted 10 minutes! Does the sensitivity of these things reduce over time or is this indicative of a repairable problem. I am loath to give up my striiv for repairs since the last time it took over a month to turn it around. Is there anyway to adjust the sensitivity? 

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How to correct  the striiv app from locking up?


So as you have probably guessed taking out the Striiv does seem to cause some issue with the step count.

I personally suspect any change of orientation causes the Striiv device to go through some form of detection to determine which way is down(Accelerometers always show an acceleration of about 32 ft per second squared or 9.8 m/s^2 for metric units)  Even small bumps in the road, climbs or your hand moving can make this detection hard.  More expensive devices use a magnetic compass and north in place of the accelerometer only design.

Also to keep in mind is once the orientation is found according to Striiv and my personal experience it takes about 8 steps to start counting again.

If you are using the Striiv Play and Companion App combination one thing I have found helps is staying away from WiFi and Bluetooth devices even moving my cell phone to the pocket opposite the Play helped.

At least with the App this problem used to be far worse and they added some lee-way and a chance for the Play to override the app if you use a Play.  So hang in there the Striiv folks are smart and work on these things once they've been told.


That last bit pretty much applies to your comment.  If you notice a specific set of circumstances for the locking up opening a support ticket will probably help them.  They work hard but they cant' cause the conditions all the users experience.

Mine is doing this too. I'm walking on a treadmill thus smooth surface and I'm not moving anything around. It has been counting about 1/2 of my steps. Very frustrating!

Lisa, you might want want to try keeping the striiv somewhere else on your person.  I know it was once reported that keeping it in/on the back of your shorts is supposed to work well on elipticals.

I have the same problem. I have had my striiv for over a year. It seems like only lately.  It usually doesnt matter, but today it happened twice  when I try to do the 1,000 step challenge. This morning I pulled it out of my pocket with only 25 steps left  and a full minuteto go and it froze. I kept walking briskly, I waited, I put it back in my pocket the way it originally was, I tried jogging,  I know I completed at least 100 more steps, but it stayed stucked until it told me I lost.  When I retried the challenge, it did the same thing. This time I jogged and I was at 800 steps completed and 200 steps remaing with 3 or 4 minutes to go. A full mminute went by before it started to register again, while I manually counted and it did not jump the 100 I had jogged, it started with  a jump of only 10... This behavior is new. My unit was fully charged overnight, so it's not a power issue.

I have been turning my play off by holding down the button till airplane mode comes up. I tap past it to the power option then shut it off. You have to do this when it's plugged in the the charger. I do it every time I charge it. It seems to reset it. I haven't had any further issues.

Thanks, Lisa, but my issue is not with a "play". It is with a Smart Pedometer, which previously acted well.  I have a play, too but never use it. It was not as much fun for me...

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