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Exchange Rates ?!?!

I've been saving up to buy a 2 grandfather trees. Low and behold when I went to see about exchanging some energy for coins I find the rates to be highly exorbitant. I mean did some tyrannical dictator take over recently. It would appear the new leader of the islands of MyLand cares more for "his/hers" financial wealth than for the well being of his citizens. Honestly there is no point in even using the exchange now unless your simply there to spend real money. I also now see no point in accepting challenges since I make enough energy to cover what my coins can buy. Yes I realize this might cause the dictator to think "Oh well I'll just make energy that much harder to earn." I hope it doesn't. I hope that the new leader might just rethink  the outrageous adjustments made to the exchange rates.

Before: 10,000 Energy > 12,500 Coins
Now: 10,000 Energy > 1,100 Coins
Almost enough of an outrage in my opinion to pack up and leave MyLand.

Yes this probably doesn't belong in the "Report a problem" forum. It was merely the forum that seemed to have the best fit.

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