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pop up ads

how do stop pop up ads on your phone without having to pay for it ????????????????????????

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You pay for it!
Popups are annoying. They are also easy to get rid of. If you click on the button and make a purchase the popups will magically be gone.

A business needs to make money or they will go out of business. It isn't evil or wrong it is a fact.

As a paying customer I want Striiv to stay in business.


I don't really like the ads either, I've already purchased my striiv product. I would be perfectly fine with them emailing me but having ads in the app is kind of lame.

Hi - nobody should be seeing ANY pop up ads in the Striiv app. We have a banner that will either point you at tips and tricks on using Striiv, or at our latest sale (if we have one going on), but we are NOT throwing pop-ups or advertising anything that is not ourselves on Android OR iOS.

Maybe the thread should have been labeled self promotion banner instead of pop up adds. Either way the banner sucks from my end user perspective. I understand from a marketing strategy it's a cool minimally invasive way to hock your product but we already own your product. ( I like my striiv touch a lot) My preference would be to leave the app clean and banner or add free and include me on your mailing list to promote your current sale.
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